Low Pressure injection Molding Equipments (http://www.pelcor.com)
Semiautomatic Low Pressure Molding Machine MIGL-33 for molding net shape ceramic, metal and wax parts for experimental or small production, using thermoplastic or thermosetting binders (U.S. Patent N 4,416,603)

Production rate up to 70 cycles per hour, depending on the complexity of a mold.

Stainless steel tank, tank lid, mixer blades and feeder pipe.

Tank volume 0.8 gallons (3 liters).

Double blade planetary mixer with variable speed of rotation in the tank.

Pneumatic clamping cylinder.

1/4 HP mixer motor.

Max. molding air pressure up to 70 psi (5 kg/cm.sq.).

Molding temperature up to 300F (150C), independently controlled in the tank, in the feeder pipe and at the orifice with three microprocessor temperature controllers with digital display.
Vacuum pump for deairing during mixing.
Average energy consumption 2 kW.  
Power: 110/120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single ph.  
Overall dimensions 25"L x 24"D x 56"H; (635 x 610 x 1425 mm).  
Weight approximately 400 lbs. (190 kg).
Maximum size of molds 12" x 8" x 16"; (395 x 205 x 410 mm).