Sintering Equipment

High Temperature Equipment and Technology




- Gas pressure sintering furnaces

- Hot presses(Hybrid hot press)

- Ultra high temperature induction furnaces

- solar silicon melting and solidification furnaces

- Spark Plasma Sintering Technology-FAST

- Equipment with technology


- Automotive ind. 

DPF.C-SiC brake disc

- Solar ind.

Silicon melting/Solidification

- Electronic ind.

  Sputtering targets, Wafer handling

- Refractories

  Kiln furniture, AI. Die casting components

- Air/Space

  Control/support systems

- Mechanical Eng.

  Mechanical sealings, Valve components, Ball bearings, Wear parts(Cutting tips-Alumina SiCw, composites)


Complete plants with technology-Turnkey plants


Freeze Granulation (